Dr. Stevens keeps your status as her patient, as well as everything that you discuss, completely confidential. She will not release any of your information to other doctors, your family, or third parties without a signed consent form from you. Some rare legal situations require her to release information; they include cases where Dr. Stevens suspects imminent self-injury by the patient, or imminent danger to another individual or cases of child or elder abuse.


In the event of a crisis or urgent appointment, Dr. Stevens will make every effort to work patients into the schedule that day or within 24 hours. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please notify the office as soon as possible. Failure to notify the office of a cancellation 24 hours before your appointment will result in a charge to your account.

Dr. Stevens runs her practice on time and does not intentionally double-book or run over the scheduled time. You can expect your appointment to start and end at the scheduled time. If you arrive late to your appointment, you will be seen for the time remaining but lost time cannot be made up at that visit. If you expect to be late, please let Dr. Stevens know as soon as possible by leaving an urgent phone message.

Phone Calls

Urgent voice messages are returned as soon as possible. Dr. Stevens provides her own personal, daily after-hours coverage for her practice. Occasionally, the voice mail system fails and a message may not reach her. If you are suicidal, the safest option is 911 or the 24 hours Seven Counties Services Crisis Line – 502-589-4313


If you are an established patient and need a refill of medications, please contact your pharmacy directly. They will fax the doctor a refill authorization request. Once the pharmacy has contacted her, Dr. Stevens needs 24 to 72 hours to process your refill. If you have a last minute or urgent request, the doctor can usually assist you but will charge an urgent refill fee.

Payment is fee for service. Dr. Stevens accepts cash, checks and credit cards (MC, Visa, Discover, American Express). The office will provide appropriate insurance forms to file for reimbursement.

Cost of treatment is as follows:

  • Initial appointment: $310
  • Consultation or 2nd Opinion: $310
  • Individual medication management: $125
  • Psychotherapy with medication management: (45 minutes) $220
  • Missed appointment (< 24 hour cancellation fee) $130